Keeping up with fashion at low cost.

Keeping up with fashion at low cost.

Keeping up with fashion at low cost.

“Having loads of money doesn’t make you a better person; spending it smart does.” – Zaid K. Abdelnour

It’s not necessary that just because you’re living on a small tight budget doesn’t mean that you give up the entire good things in life. You can enjoy your life fully without overspending if you are not conscious about it.

The middle class household spends almost about 2% of their budget on clothes. While we think its not big but still they are over hundred bucks a month that maybe we could save by keeping it within a budget. There are many ways to save money and still have great fashionable clothes.

“Be rich in making wise decisions, not poor by wasting money.” – Riabuz

Possibly you’re thinking… just don’t buy any more clothes. Fashion, regrettably, hastily gets worn out or outdated, and work and other special occasions will require us to invest in our wardrobes. Sometimes we gain weight, lose weight or buy clothes for children who grow up fast. We can make clothing budget in check by caring for them more so that they last longer and as a result we spend less on new clothing.


1. Always buy better quality clothes.
2. Buy clothes at the right time.
3. Look for sales, discounts and promotions.
4. Better know whether you need that item of clothing or not.

“No one can make a better decision for you, but you, yourself.” – Riabuz

Seek class over capacity

When you choose what goes into your wardrobe its very important you go for class over your capacity to buy it. When you are on a budget, shop in less quantity but choose your fashion wisely. It will give you time and flexibility you need to save up for high quality apparels.

“Nicer stuffs and understandings last longer — and they’re more cost-effective generally.”

Buy off season

Always buy your clothing off season when there is a sale, promotions and discounts on items. Buy them at lowest prices, that makes it more affordable for you. It is not just the physical stores that you should aim for, there are hundreds of online stores as well for you to browse and shop from.

Shop at cultural markets

Sometimes you find good stuff and according to the fashion at cultural markets, they are mostly at lower prices. Traditional items are always in fashion and can be available at cheaper rates.

See where you can make cutbacks

If you look at your list and think I can’t make any more cut backs I definitely need these things then you are wrong. There is always a room for cut backs just prioritize your needs, that’s it. I am not saying that don’t buy, buy but not immediately, you can buy them after a month or so.

It’s not important to live a luxurious lifestyle. Don’t be materialistic. Just don’t look at people, look at your pocket. Make a budget and spend according to it. Just tap your desires, learn how to buy things within your budget. Follow your passion but don’t get blind by what others are doing.

“A budget isn’t about restricting what you can spend. It gives you permission to spend without guilt or regret.”

Even if you have minimum clothing in your wardrobe you can easily mix up your daily looks. A single scarf can be tied over 100 ways you can watch videos on YouTube. If you check fashion spur to make most of your apparel, you can stretch your budget further.

Go to stores, find the clothes that fit you perfectly and looks good on you, defines your body shape nicely then its good, but if you find something that is quite big on you, then no problem, instead of spending more on other expensive products, buy it and take it to the tailor who will adjust it according to your size, or even better… tailor it yourself. “Happiness is homemade.”

Luxury is yours to describe. It may have nothing to do with bags, a cute trouser or a crop top shirt. And, sometimes, it may be that deal at Zara. However you define it, you can begin to allow more of it in your life when you come from a place of celebration, open to prospect and take one lively step at a time.

“Don’t go BROKE trying to look RICH.”

Wearing fashionable clothing is a great way to express yourself and lift your confidence. It can lead to achievement in other areas, even your professional and personal life. However, fashion trends change quickly. It sometimes feels impossible to keep up with the fast-paced and often unreachable fashion world. However, even if you aren’t in the fashion, you too, can keep up with styles and include them into your own personal style.

“Wise spending is a part of wise investing.”


Thank you all for your time in reading this article. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience with us @ Wearizon Apparel.